Mapunity's flagship product for urban mobility is the Transport Information System (TIS) - a public information project which combines information for the public, with administrative tools for officials, and solutions for different business segments of mobility in cities.

Mapunity's TIS features

  • Find locations and points of interest
  • Find directions between locations
  • Make local maps at high resolution showing the streets around any location (useful to put at bus stops, street corners, etc)
  • Allow people to add their homes and offices to the map search
  • Allow administrators to mark one-way streets, no-parking areas and other restrictions
  • Allow users to request additional bus services in their neighbourhoods
  • Allow users to report any problem related to mobility to the appropriate authorities
  • Query bus, train, tram and other services in the city to any location
  • Maintain a list of ongoing public works linked to mobility
  • Find taxi services, app-based aggregators and other mobility solutions providers
  • Mark key transit points (airport, stations, etc) and include specific information pertaining to these
  • Show traffic camera feeds
  • Show live traffic speeds if available
  • List pay-and-park locations in the city, with fees, timings, etc. and also facilitate bookings
  • List the toll locations in the region, along with fees
  • Show all govt offices linked to mobility (traffic police, vehicle licensing dept. fine payment centres, etc)
  • Query vehicle ownership records to facilitate genuine second sales
  • Query fines against individual vehicles that are outstanding, and help clear these
  • Maintain a list of punishable offences, and the fines for each
  • Include safety information and campaigns run by the city for road safety
  • A personal tracker tool that helps families know where everyone is.
  • A passenger information system to let the public know where their buses are and when they will arrive at a stop
  • An ambulance assistance program (also useful for other emergency vehicles) to help keep signals green along rescue paths
  • An asset monitoring tool for all public assets
  • A school bus tracking solution for educational institutions
  • List of all application forms used by the government for services in the transport sector
  • API-based submission of applications (if made possible by the departments)
  • iOS and Android apps for all of these.
  • Locations of fuel stations and public charging infra
  • Locations of hospitals, along with one-click access from transport app for emergency services
  • Locations of bicycle shops and rentals
  • Alerting system for announcements and regular PR
  • Integration with news feeds of news organisations in the city
  • Bus routes management system (introduce, edit, delete) which is integrated with the passenger information system
  • Accident hot-spot marking, and highlighting of accident prone locations
Personal tracker : for friends and family.
mSignal : Measure, manage traffic at lights.
BusCloud - application suite for city bus ops.
O-D : local mobility in your neighbourhood.
SignMaps - for last mile directions.
For schools : Let mTrac track your buses.